70% of the Digital Initiatives do not reach their goal
In order to realise the intended returns, organisations need to address the root causes of the inefficiency


Solutions need to scale to intended level defined in the Business Case.

While PoC's are typically conducted by enthusiastic team members, in a scale-up situation the entire organisation needs to move, which by definition requires a different, more broadly considered methodology. Stakeholder alignment needs to be achieved so that they are willing to support own the changes. In order to maximise recognition, digital initiatives need to demonstrate value from early on.


Organisational maturity needs to be raised to enable adoption of the "new normal".

A new level of collaboration culture and digital dexterity must be achieved to leverage on capabilities offered by new technology. Organisational transition efforts are often under estimated in size and duration.


In the digital bonanza investments need to be focused and consequent.

In order to make sure that the right amount is spent on the right initiatives, an overall digitalisation concept needs to be in place - and aligned with the business strategy. Due to dependencies mainly on data side, an ecosystem (vs individual initiatives) view has to be in place. Fact based evaluation of the initiatives must be established to make sure that the most beneficial initiatives receive focus and resources.

The time of the PoC's is over.

The Second Wave of Digitalisation is about Return on Investment.

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